EQO-NIXUS (OCA Global) pre-qualified as Independent Engineer for Scaling Solar Programme transactions

EQO-NIXUS (OCA Global) has been pre-qualified as Independent Engineer under the Scaling Solar Programme, managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, […]

EQO-NIXUS will support European Investment Bank (EIB) for implementation of Athens Resilience City Climate Mitigation

EQO-NIXUS has been appointed for providing technical assistance to the Municipality of Attends to improve the Energy Efficiency (EE) and the resilience to earthquakes of public […]

EQO-NIXUS to promote circular and blue economy in the Caribbean region

EQO-NIXUS has started the implementation of a technical assistance project to define and promote the principles of the circular and blue economy in 11 countries in […]


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