EQO-NIXUS supports Morocco in its climate change mitigation and adaptation policy

EQO-NIXUS has been awarded with a new contract, funded by the European Union, which has an ultimate objective to develop new policies in the fields of […]

EQO-NIXUS to strengthen the National Quality Infrastructure for the Agri-business Sector in Egypt

Last May EQO-NIXUS won a new contract in the MENA region. The contract, funded by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), will strenghten the national quality […]

EQO-NIXUS Strengthens the Quality Infrastructure Institutions of Ethiopia

EQO-NIXUS has been contracted by the European Union under the European Development Project REG/FED/022-667 to support the Ethiopian Standards Agency (ESA) and the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment […]

EQO-NIXUS to act as an Independent Auditor for the Government of Liberia in FLEGT scheme efficiency

EQO-NIXUS has started the implementation of a 3 years project in the field of FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) in Liberia. In consortium with SOFRECO, EQO-NIXUS […]

EQO-NIXUS to reduce GHG emissions from shipping sectors in 15 developing countries

Last 15 May, EQO-NIXUS was awarded a new EU-funded assignment in the field of Greenhouse Gas emissions reduction. The project’s main goal is to support participating developing countries […]

EQO-NIXUS to enhance India’s solar parks development capacity and energy efficiency

EQO-NIXUS started last February the implementation of a renewable energy development project in India. In consortium with IBF and Idom, the EU-funded project, which is part […]

EQO-NIXUS assists Caribbean Islands to transition to a low carbon pathway

EQO-NIXUS has recently started the implementation of a new IADB-funded project in the Caribbean Region aimed at transitioning to a low carbon pathways in the islands […]

EQO-NIXUS to support SMEs’ energy efficiency investments in Lebanon

Last January EQO-NIXUS was awarded a project in the field of energy efficiency in Lebanon. The project, funded by the European Commission, aims to evaluate a […]

EQO and Nixus Consulting join efforts

As of March 2015 Nixus Consulting and Training Services, S.L., an independent private consulting company with activities around the world in the fields of Energy and […]