EQO-NIXUS selected by the European Commission to conduct the final evaluation of the “EU Support to Agriculture in Afghanistan in Transition” programme

The agriculture sector is the backbone of Afghanistan economy and is a key component of both the licit and illicit economies, contributing around 28% of GDP. […]

The European Commission selects EQO-NIXUS to conduct the mid-term evaluation of the SEMED SEFF program in Morocco.

EQO-NIXUS, together with AECOM, has been selected to evaluate the Sustainable Energy Finance Facility or SEMED SEFF in Morocco. SEMED SEFF is a Finance Facility, set […]

The European Investment Bank (EIB) selects EQO-NIXUS to prepare an integrated Strategic Environmental Assessment (“SEA”) for the TYNDP of TransGaz in Romania.

EQO-NIXUS, together with NTU, has been selected to prepare the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the ambitious 10-year network development programme (“TYNDP”) for the expansion of […]


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