EQO-NIXUS’ team members and associated experts are experienced in the provision of advisory, management and training services all around the globe through a cumulative professional experience of more than 20 years.

EQO-NIXUS is characterised by the experience, relevant technical expertise and dedication of its team members’ work. Thanks to a continuous recruiting screening, EQO-NIXUS detects both relevant first-class expertise and young talent worldwide aligned with EQO-NIXUS’ core values and culture and who excels in experience and competences complementary to those of EQO-NIXUS’ team.

One of the common features of our people is their true interest to listen to our clients’ concerns and projects all along our services delivery chain, from proposal formulation to final evaluation of satisfaction. A sincere dedication to clients concerns would be useless if we would not look for people with solid academic record and brilliant analytical results-focused skills.

EQO-NIXUS Human Resources department is mandated with the mission to ensure that the right work environment is created, allowing our staff to deploy their talent in a demanding yet stimulating environment where creative solutions are balanced with analytical rigueur and pragmatic fact-based approach.