In mid-2019, EQO NIXUS, together with ImplementaSur, were selected by the Bariloche Foundation to provide its consulting services within the project “Networks and Mechanisms of Technology Transfer for Climate Change”, funded by the  buy neurontin online Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). how to buy provigil online (for more information about this news, please visit:

Now, the project has come to a very successful end.

This study focuses on the technological needs of the integrated steel process. Together with ImplementaSur, EQO NIXUS evaluated the investments needed until 2030 to reach the level of GHG mitigation needed in this process. The proposed technology options for emissions reduction were characterized according to the maturity of the technology and capital cost required, and then prioritized with a Marginalised Mitigation Cost Curve (MACC) and a multi-criteria analysis. This determined the feasibility of implementing the technology options according to operational and financial criteria, and then designing an investment plan.

The results of our work on a cheap mydriacyl online low-carbon transition strategy for the Chilean steel industry are now available on the “Carbon Price Chile” website. The Final Report as well as the Fact sheet and the Executive Summary are free to download and open to everyone.


Please, find all these documents in the National City “Carbon Price Chile” website: