EQO-NIXUS began last November the implementation of a new project for the review, evaluation and support of different projects related to Urban Heating systems in several cities in Romania and Croatia.

The project is financed by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and will be implemented exclusively by EQO-NIXUS over the next two years. EQO-NIXUS will work together with the EIB staff and different municipalities in the target countries to carry out a critical review of the documentation related to different projects to improve the Urban Heating network.

The project will act on the Urban Heating Networks of Bucharest, Zagreb and other 6 cities in Croatia. In the first place a general analysis of the current state of the networks will be carried out, then the documentation corresponding to the improvement projects will be analyzed (feasibility studies, economic analysis, financing requests, etc.) and finally an evaluation of that documentation and the status of the projects.

The Urban Heating systems generate heat from a central station and distribute it through an urban network, these systems are widely used in Eastern Europe. The rehabilitation of these networks and the improvement of energy efficiency are two of the key objectives of this project.