EQO-NIXUS, together with AECOM, has been selected to evaluate the Sustainable Energy Finance Facility or SEMED SEFF in Morocco.

SEMED SEFF is a Finance Facility, set up by EBRD in partnership with EIB, AFD, KfW and the European Commission, aiming at fostering progress in energy efficiency (EE) and better promoting the use of renewable energy (RE) sources and resource efficiency in Morocco. The Facility, called SEMED SEFF or MorSEFF,  is operated by EBRD and is designed to provide credit lines to Participating Financial Institutions (the PFIs) in Morocco for on-lending to private sector borrowers, including industries, SMEs, agribusinesses, commercial services and households (the sub-borrowers) in Morocco, in support of energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) projects.

EQO-NIXUS’ evaluation team will assess at least 27 sub-loans out of the 180 sub-loans being signed by PFIs (i.e. minimum 15% of the total number of sub-loan projects so far), that should represent at least 20% of the total MorSEFF eligible investments (i.e. minimum EUR 22 million).