EQO-NIXUS, together with SOFRECO, has been selected to establish the process to establish the legality of Liberia’s forest sector, including the complementary review of forest concessions.

To improve legal compliance in the Liberia forest sector and strengthen the foundation for fair, efficient and sustainable future operations and management, the Government intends to complement the reviews already conducted to ensure all forest concessions as mandated under the current legal framework have been reviewed by the Government acting through an independent party.

The objective of EQO-NIXUS consultants will be to conduct a review of logging concessions contracts and agreements with a view to improving: (i) the sustainability of the natural resource base of Liberia’s forests, (ii) the overall business environment in the forest sector, (iii) the financial and economic results for the government and forest communities, and (iv) the commercial attractiveness and investment environment of the sector.