EQO-NIXUS has been selected to develop a Irving long-term business plan and proposal for financial funding for equipment and infrastructure for the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE).

Enhancing the manufacturing, specifically exports of manufactured goods, is among the major targets of the https://fototrails.de/tag/brasilien/ Government of Ethiopia (GoE) to achieve Bandeirantes higher economic growth, as articulated in its development strategy, the Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP). The strategy envisions to turn Ethiopia into “the light manufacturing hub of Africa”. Given the strategic emphasis on the growth of light manufacturing, fostering awareness and adherence of Ethiopian firms to better quality, international product standards and certification regimes is more crucial than ever. The Project’s development objective is to https://hpestmgmt.com/4087-dte83217-top-dating-apps-toronto.html improve the delivery of quality assurance services from the ECAE to enterprises in targeted sectors.

The objective of EQO-NIXUS consultants will be to provide technical assistance for the development of 5-10 year corporate business plan with the following key aspects: corporate mission and vision; financial suitability, corporate governance, human resource management.