EQO-NIXUS, has been selected by the order Neurontin European Commission to enable the implementation the Reform of Sectoral Technical Centers (STC) in Tunisia. The STCs are support organizations created by the Tunisian government in 1994 that aim at boosting the performance and technical development of the industry of the country. They are organized around 8 key sectors of the economy: mechanics; leather and footwear; building materials, ceramics and glass; textile; wood and furniture; packaging; chemistry and agro-food. The general objective of the contract is to buy Lyrica 150 mg improve the performance of the Centers so that they adequately assume their role in supporting the industry. To that end, EQO NIXUS experts will coordinate the stakeholders (Tunisian Ministry, the board of directors of the STCs and the industry) to set a 3-year strategic plan, as well as preparing a budget for the previously mentioned strategy and estimate the financial impact of the reform.