On Thursday November 27th in Brussels, EQO took active part in the nergy Seminar on EU External Aid Programmers in order to get a deeper understanding of the EuropeAid opportunities in the energy sector and to identify and strength partnerships for EU energy tenders. The event gathered over a hundred representatives from the most important consulting & engineering companies, utilities and other organisations from Europe working in the energy sector.

Organized by the Permanent representations and Trade Promotion Organizations of eighteen Member States of the European Union, the day-long event was organized in two sessions: a monitoring session where European institutions’ officials involved in External Aid Programmes gave an overview of the financing available in the energy sector and an afternoon session where bilateral meetingsbetween participating companies took place.

Lluis Vilardell, EQO’s Executive Director, and Lluis Torrent, Senior Consultant on Climate Change, attended the presentations delivered from European Commission officials such as “Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) in the Energy Sector” and “Energy Efficiency in the Development Context”. EQO also visited other long-term partners present in Brussles to strengthen their relationship and assess potential cooperation opportunities.