Last 29 of September within the framework of the mission trip that EQO undertook in Egypt, EQO’s members attended the “Intelligence Cities Exhibition & Conference” in Cairo, which lasted until 30 September.

The conference is the region’s leading smart and sustainable cities event. The two day exhibition and conference brought together over 600 senior level decision makers and over 2,000 participants to discuss and showcase latest technologies, sustainable solutions and products as well as best practices on managing and building the cities of tomorrow.

Smart cities is one area of special interest for EQO, where the company has already joined leading national platforms.

“The need to improve existing infrastructure and intelligently maximize current resources is further fueling the need to develop smart cities. Smart cities bring value added benefits to developers by increasing investment returns. While new services built on cutting edge technologies enrich citizens’ quality of life.” states Lluís Vilardell, Executive Director at EQO, while emphasing how EQO is currently orientating various services towards this area.