In a continuous attempt to improve staff’s technical knowledge and competences on the fields of Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Management and Sustainable Economy, EQO has set a new training program to keep their employees up-to-date of latest technological and scientific developments.

The weekly programme covers various topics such as improving staff knowledge on latest available green policies and technologies, climate change and low carbon case-studies, best practices and benchmarks, managerial tools and techniques, and business strategy. It is planned by EQO’s management according to strategic priorities and to our staff suggestions, based on the day-to-day identified needs.

Lluís Vilardell, EQO’s Executive Director, states that: “Training can be a source of inspiration for day-to-day work, opening new ideas and applications to our current activities in benefit of better and deeper impact. More than this, training contributes to team building and keeps our employees more motivated and productive, resulting in better talent retention. A structured internal training program shows staff the organization recognizes their worth and that it is in their interests to stay with us. Keeping the staff happier is one of the best public relations tools an organization can have. Employees will soon let their friends and family know what’s the difference among organisations that care or don’t care about them”

The program, which takes place at EQO’s facilities, also includes field training. “The best way for an employee to learn how to design an Environmental Impact Assessment is to undertake one. So, if an employee is interested in this topic even when there are no EIA assignments to complete, we just create one for training purposes in collaboration with our partner companies”, states Vilardell. “And we encourage the employees to carry out field work to practice, because it empowers them to better skilled and because it give room to develop innovation”, he continues.

The training program also engages external experts and collaborators to carry out in-house training to ensure all staff is fully aligned and updated with the best practices of the best professionals.