Last February 13th EQO joined the Smart City Plat, a Spanish platform on Automation Technology and Smart Cities presented on November 20th at the Smart City Expo & World Congress by the Spanish Association for the Internationalisation of Electronics, Information and Communication Technologies (Secartys).

Smart City Plat is a technology platform that aims to integrate the entire value chain of home automation and smart cities (companies, integrators, developers, operators, industry technology centers, research centers, public management, end users …) in Spain. This platform has been recently approved by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, through the Ministry of Research, Development and Innovation.

Thanks to this platform, different industry players will share a common vision and will define a strategic research agenda to accelerate development and innovation in a harmonized manner positioning the sector at the forefront globally.

EQO, as an innovative consulting firm is dedicated to provide solutions towards more Climate Smart Cities by providing advisory, management and training services to cities for a more innovative economy, more climate-resilient urban infrastructure and a more efficient, open, transparent and participatory governance.