Last January 14th EQO became member of Fundación Empresa y Clima (FEyC) a Barcelona-headquartered foundation, with offices in Madrid and Bogotá, offers companies tools to meet the commitments and challenges posed by climate change.

FEyC is the corporate reference for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Spain. FEyC helps organisations plan and invest in a low carbon economy, promoting mitigation strategies and strengthening their resilience by improving their adaptation capacity to the effects of climate change.

With 42 members, FEyC represents enterprises of all sizes and sectors, acting as an active player on Climate Change in the private sector. FEyC acts as an articulator between the environmental private sector and international events in the areas of climate change to ensure their participation in the international carbon debate. For this purpose FEyC facilitates the participation of the private sector to relevant environmental events such as Carbon Expo, Conama, and Smart City Expo or the Conference of the Parties (COP’s) thanks to their status of UN Observer.

By becoming a FEyC member EQO joins a leading private climate alliance in Spain, positioning OCA group as key actor that is rapidly building efforts towards achieving a more sustainable future and helping private firms address the environmental and climate pressures.