Last September 28th to October 1st members of EQO undertook the first field mission trip to Egypt to discuss with local partners and International Donor organizations opportunities in the field of Renewable Energy and Social and Environmental Impact Assessment.

Accompanied by EQO’s country manager in Egypt – Ahmed Moukhtar-, country in which OCA Group is based through an office in Cairo providing support to activities in Egypt and in the Middle East, EQO’s Executive Director, Lluís Vilardell, had the opportunity to meet with officials from the New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) who presented the latest plans and developments in the field of Renewable Energy in the country.

“Nearly 5 GW worth of solar power development agreements have been signed so far this year, and Egypt’s NREA announced it would partner with 67 companies to see these agreements through to fruition.” stated Vilardell, “Therefore, it is the right time to be present in the country and look for opportunities in the Renewable Energy sector.

Last 11 August 2015 Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) and (NREA) announced three new tenders for the development of a total of 500MW wind and solar capacity on a (BOO) basis in the West Nile Area total installed PV capacity of 200MW and total installed CSP capacity of 50MW and total installed wind capacity of 250MW.

EQO as a company specialized in the provision of services in the field or Renewable Energy (including resource assessment, due diligence, quality control, solar development) is paying special attention to the new developments taking place in countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Chile.