Last January EQO-NIXUS was awarded a project in the field of energy efficiency in Lebanon. The project, funded by the European Commission, aims to evaluate a 15-million EU budget program (for a 6-years implementation period) through a “Facility in support of Small and Medium Enterprises’ energy efficiency investments”.

For more than a decade, the European Union has supported the development and reinforcement of the Lebanese private sector. Encouraging achievements have been recorded in the areas of legislation, access to finance, assistance to enterprises, as well as quality management. Within this promising and dynamic “energy savings context”, the EU committed in 2010 a program to suport SMEs in being recipient of investments in the field of energy efficiency.

The main objective of the assignment is to assess the implementation of the programme’s interventions; to assess the impact of the programme; and to propose key lessons and recommendations in order to improve the current programme implementation until its completion.

Through the evaluation process the project’s main expected otucomes are to detect strengths and weaknesses, and learn lessons from the past and to improve future activities in the energy efficiency area.