Last June EQO, in consortium with Danish Management A/S, won a contract with the European Commission within the field of energy. The contract was won under the EU Framework Contract, where EQO is delivering projects within energy, sustainable economy and climate change.

The project awarded consisted in the formulation of the IPA 2012 Project – Optimal Use of Energy and Natural Resources, which aims to contribute to the further energy reforms in Montenegro in order to comply with obligations from the energy acquis ensuring the continuity of assistance provided to the beneficiaries in the sector and to avoid delays in implementation of already planned support. Specifically, EQO will prepare the ToR for the IPA 2012 project – ‘Optimal use of energy and natural resources’.

This project becomes the first of a two consecutive awards that EQO acquires in Montenegro after the recent contract won from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to measure GHG emissions from Montenegro’s tourism sector.