From February 23rd to 27th members of EQO visited Turkey with the aim to get insights on the country’s current priorities, policies and projects conducted by the Government and International Institutions in the areas of Environmental Management, Climate Change, Energy and Forestry.

“EQO is following closely the activity in the environmental sector in Turkey in the light of the country’s pre-accession to the European Union”, states Alba Obiols, Responsible for Business Development at EQO.

Among others, met with technical experts and representatives from the General Directorate of Forestry, whom with them exchanged best practices in the field of forest carbon management, ecosystem services and the integration of biodiversity preservation guidelines in forestry plans and interventions.

EQO also met technical representatives from the Renewable Energy Department, who were interested in knowing further about Spain’s main steps towards becoming one the world’s top countries in the Renewable Energy field. Turkish experts explained to EQO the details of the recently approved National Renewable Energy Action Plan for Turkey, which represents an important step towards reaching its 2023 renewable energy targets. The plan counts on the support of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Government of Spain, who funded its elaboration.

EQO members also met with representatives from different organizations in the field of Climate Change, Air Quality, and Environmental Impact Assessment. “We have now a comprehensive understanding and valuable insights on Turkey’s current roadmap in the field of Environment, Climate Change and Energy”, states Lluís Torrent, Technical Director, at EQO.

Another important objective that motivated the trip to Turkey was EQO’s interest to strengthen relations with local partners whom the company is cooperating with in several project opportunities funded by the European Union in the Climate Change and Environmental sector. After the meetings hold in Istanbul and Ankara Mrs. Obiols and Mr. Torrent, showed their satisfaction when confirming the good existing relations with their Turkish counterparts and their high level of professional expertise and reputation in the Environmental field in the country.