Last week of July members of EQO visited city of Managua (Nicaragua) to meet with International Donor institutions, local partners and experts whom EQO cooperates with to strengthen relations and discuss potential new opportunities in the field of climate change and low carbon development.

“We have carried out several projects in the field of sustainable economy in the region with very successful results. Central American countries are now boosting efforts in the integration of the environmental component in exporting companies, an area in which we are highly specialised”, states Daniel Castellá, Environmental focal point at EQO.

Castellá had the opportunity to meet with representatives from International Financing Iinstitutions based in Managua and from the AECID, the Spanish International Cooperation Agency, who presented the current strategic working lines and priorities in the field of environment and climate change in Central America.

“Low-carbon development of SMEs is becoming an important area of work in Central America. New investments in fostering export-driven companies while integrating environmental good practices is today part of the green economy strategy that EU institutions are pursuing in the region”, emphasizes Castellá. “And we keep very attentive both to national priorities and European actions in that respect”.

EQO have carried out several projects in Central America and the Caribbean Region –in countries such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama- in the field of sustainable economy in the last few years making a substantial contribution to the Central American integration process and counts on a number of strategic partners and a wide network of experts in the region.