We support the development of strategic national and regional mitigation and adaptation strategies, tackling environmental, economic and social concerns, helping decision makers and technical leaders balancing difficult trade-offs and resource constraints.

We assist the design, implementation and design of Forest Management conservation and management plans, aiming at the reduction of green-house gas emissions, biodiversity protection and reforestation, preparing the ground for the implementation of FLEGT and FSC certification schemes and REDD+ programmes.

Our approach is holistic and multidisciplinary, building upon recommendations of international bodies of reference such as the UNFCCC and the Kyoto convention. Our advisory services envisage not only the specific mitigation strategies necessary for the crucial need of reducing GHG emissions, but as well anticipate and address serious consequences on human health, biodiversity and land management, including vulnerable coastal zones.

Thanks to the experience of our team, we are able to offer a wide range of management services to multilateral donors, public governments and other organisations, characterised by distinct assets:

  • Permanent presence and follow up through our backstopping services.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to evolving client needs.
  • Solid technical and scientific monitoring quality control
  • Commitment on delivering results responding to clients core objectives.
  • Full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are compromised to deliver results, so that when available, additional resources of expertise and pooled services become available.

Our management services can be applied to:

  • Regional and international programmes management.
  • Nation-wide policy and institutional development projects.
  • Greenhouse emissions control and monitoring.
  • Identification, Formulation and Programming of climate change related technical assistance programmes.
  • Recruiting services of climate change professionals.
  • Budget and financial management of climate change related programmes.
  • Management of climate change related grant programmes.

Climate Change is at the forefront of multilateral policy priorities, as evidences of its impact in environment, human health and economy are already being registered.

Decision-makers and functional managers at public and private institutions are facing a pressing need to develop new policies and activities in order to mitigate GHG emissions in short, medium and long term.

This requires a deeper understanding of climate change challenges and the technologies necessary for implementing the mitigation. It requires as well advocacy and management capacities to manage difficult trade-offs among legitimate stakeholders.

In order to help our clients increase their understanding and develop new skills, EQO offers mentoring, capacity and training services tailored to the needs of our clients. These activities are managed by our in-house experts and implemented by first-class experts.

As needed, study tours and twinning programmes can be organized and E-Learning tools developed for reinforcing incorporation of new concepts.