Our experts use a combination of scenario forecasting, statistical analysis and industrial development measures, to tackle the main challenges emerging and developing economies face worldwide.

Powerful potential new sources of growth for economies are boosting international trade, entering in new value-added sectors receiving new investments or exploring new technologies based in the green economy. Moreover, continuous improvements in productivity can support a continuous diversification into higher-value sectors in agriculture, industry and services. In parallel, intensive reforms in quality infrastructure, competition policies and customs operations should continue if emerging and developing economies are to foster competitive productive and service sectors.

New opportunities of growth can be leverage while “old” drivers of growth can continue to be exploited, mitigating environmental impact and reducing social unbalances they had created in the past. Labour can shift from lower to higher productivity sectors, while remaining space for factor-accumulation-led growth can be exhausted.

EQO supports institutions and private firms developing greater capability to formulate and implement economic development plans, supporting the development of strategic planning, sector-wide development plans and identification of new growth sources.

Thanks to the experience of our team, we are able to offer a wide range of management services to multilateral donors, public governments and other organisations, characterised by distinct assets:

  • Permanent presence and follow up through our backstopping services.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to evolving client needs.
  • Solid technical and scientific monitoring quality control
  • Commitment on delivering results responding to clients core objectives.
  • Full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are compromised to deliver results, so that when available, additional resources of expertise and pooled services become available.

Our management services can be applied to:

  • Economic development programmes management and regional and national levels.
  • Budget and financial management of regional and national economic development programmes.
  • Nation-wide policy and institutional development projects.
  • Identification, Formulation and Programming of economic development, value chain development, health & safety and agricultural development related technical assistance programmes.
  • Management of economic development related grant programmes.
  • Recruiting services of first-class professionals.

EQO provides highly specialized mentoring, training and capacity building services in a wide range of economic development related areas from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Up-to-date scientific and professional know-how of international economic institutions, policies and regulations, including international trade and health & safety regulations and practices, are offered and taught through using a wide range of different pedagogical approaches, from e-learning tools to mentoring programmes.

We are fully adaptable and flexible to our client needs, empowering new capacities with long-lasting impact based on the particular needs of each of our clients.