Environmental management requires a broad and multidisciplinary vision grounded on strong scientific analytical skills. We assist institutions and private organisations in assessing the potential environmental impact of their actions, with a view to mitigate their affectation in climate change, water and land management and on human health.

Our experts are well aware of the complex nature of the challenge, where environmental aspects need to be combined with economic, cultural and social concerns. The way we manage the natural environment may affect our future capacity to find new economic opportunities granted by biodiversity and landscape beautiness. Any new environmental initiative will need to be balance against issues of economic development and food security in instable enviroments.

Thanks to the experience of our team, we are able to offer a wide range of management services to multilateral donors, public governments and other organisations, characterised by distinct assets:

  • Permanent presence and follow up through our backstopping services.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to evolving client needs.
  • Solid technical and scientific monitoring quality control.
  • Commitment on delivering results responding to clients core objectives.
  • Full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

We are compromised to deliver results, so that when available, additional resources of expertise and pooled services become available.

Our management services can be applied to:

  • Regional and international environmental programmes management.
  • Nation-wide policy and institutional development projects.
  • Implementation of environmental related certifications.
  • Implementation of environmental related audits and inspections in public institutions and private firms.
  • Identification, Formulation and Programming of environmental related technical assistance programmes.
  • Recruiting services of environmental professionals.
  • Budget and financial management of environmental related programmes.
  • Management of environmental related grant programmes.

Current environmental challenges require multidisciplinary skills and know-how.

Environment protection and respect is already a crosscutting element of public and private organisations activities and management procedures.

EQO helps organisations mainstreaming environmental protection and respect in their procedures, reducing the impact of their activities in climate change, promoting mitigation of GHG emissions.

Capacity building and training programmes are organized concerning management and production systems and how to manage singular ecosystems.