EQO-NIXUS was selected in 2018 by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to implement a 2.9-million-dollar project to develop floating solar photovoltaic systems in Central Asia.

The team, of 33 experts, is being coordinated from Barcelona and it supports Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and the Kyrgyz Republic to enhance their knowledge and technical skills in designing, constructing and operating solar PV plants, particularly floating PV, through pilot projects, commercial scale project feasibility studies, and hands-on institutional capacity building including in-depth study tours in leading FPV countries.

The three pilot FPV systems, under construction, consist of solar PV panels, floating platform, mooring system, inverter/power conditioner station (land-based or above the water), grid connection infrastructure, including as appropriate, battery energy storage system, and auxiliary facilities. Also, a complete meteorological station will be installed adjacent to the three FPV systems to enable performance comparison and to facilitate hands-on technical training.

Furthermore, initial environmental examinations have been done to assess potential impacts on aquatic flora and fauna.