EQO-NIXUS (OCA Global) pre-qualified as Independent Engineer for Scaling Solar Programme transactions

EQO-NIXUS (OCA Global) has been pre-qualified as Independent Engineer under the Scaling Solar Programme, managed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, […]

EQO-NIXUS will support European Investment Bank (EIB) for implementation of Athens Resilience City Climate Mitigation

EQO-NIXUS has been appointed for providing technical assistance to the Municipality of Attends to improve the Energy Efficiency (EE) and the resilience to earthquakes of public […]

EQO-NIXUS to promote circular and blue economy in the Caribbean region

EQO-NIXUS has started the implementation of a technical assistance project to define and promote the principles of the circular and blue economy in 11 countries in […]

EQO-NIXUS implemented a capacity building project for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energies of Ecuador in Energy Management Systems based on ISO 50001

Last March, EQO-NIXUS successfully finalised the implementation of a consultancy Project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank in Ecuador. The objective of the project was to […]

EQO-NIXUS carries out the evaluation of two electrification projects in Rwanda

In an effort to achieve full access to electricity in Rwanda, the Ministry of Infrastructure of the country has developed a Rural Electrification Strategy based on […]

EQO-NIXUS to support rural electrification in Liberia

EQO-NIXUS will be implementing a new project to promote the development of rural electrification in Liberia. The project will be funded by the European Commission and […]

EQO-NIXUS works to improve resilience of Tonga’s electricity grid to climate change

EQO-NIXUS will start working on a new project funded by the European Commission in order to improve the social and economic development of Tonga through the […]

EQO-NIXUS will support the European Investment Bank in assessing District Heating (DH) Projects in Croatia and Romania

EQO-NIXUS began last November the implementation of a new project for the review, evaluation and support of different projects related to Urban Heating systems in several […]

EQO-NIXUS to support the deployment of renewable energies and energy efficiency in Algeria.

In June, EQO-NIXUS has started the implementation of a project in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Algeria. EQO-NIXUS will be supporting the […]