EQO visits Nicaragua to discuss environmental opportunities in Central America

Last week of July members of EQO visited city of Managua (Nicaragua) to meet with International Donor institutions, local partners and experts whom EQO cooperates with […]

EQO to measure GHG emissions from Montenegro’s tourism sector

Last June EQO was awarded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) a contract whose main objective is to measure GHG emissions from Montenegro’s tourism sector. […]

EQO is awarded with an EU funded project on Optimal Use of Energy and Natural Resources

Last June EQO, in consortium with Danish Management A/S, won a contract with the European Commission within the field of energy. The contract was won under […]

EQO attends the AfDB Business Opportunities Seminar in Abidjan

Last June 22nd-24th the African Development Bank (AfDB) organized in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, the Business Opportunity Seminar for Belgium, Luxemburg, Portugal and Spain. The Seminar was […]

EQO attends the Annual Energy Sector Mission in Washington

During May 4-7 EQO representatives will be attending the Annual Energy Sector Mission, an event that represents a landmark for all organisations interested in working with […]

EQO to assess the Carbon Footprint of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

EQO has been recently awarded by the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (BMA) to undertake the update and the assessment of the Carbon Footprint for the whole organisation […]

EQO to attend the ADB Business Opportunities Fair in Manila

Next 25th-26th the Asian Development Bank (ADB) organizes in Manila, Philippines, the 6th ADB Business Opportunities Fair (BOF). The BOF is a one-stop forum for consultants, […]

EQO joins Smart City Plat, the leading Automation Technology and Smart Cities Platform in Spain

Last February 13th EQO joined the Smart City Plat, a Spanish platform on Automation Technology and Smart Cities presented on November 20th at the Smart City […]

EQO members visit Turkey, the new Environmental hotspot in Europe

From February 23rd to 27th members of EQO visited Turkey with the aim to get insights on the country’s current priorities, policies and projects conducted by […]