Last May EQO-NIXUS won a new contract in the MENA region. The contract, funded by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization), will strenghten the national quality infrastructure for the agrí-business sector in Egypt.
The project promote the national quality system integration and responsiveness to international markets requirements and consumers’ needs, through training programs, strategic and technical operational guidelines, policy briefs, etc.

In the last decade, UNIDO has supported several initiatives to develop the Egyptian agribusiness sector. UNIDO, in collaboration with the Ministry of Industry, Trade and SMEs, is addressing challenges, bottlenecks and hidden opportunities of the agro-industrial sector. To do this it is using a number of innovative tools aiming at improving the capacities of producers to increase productivity, quality, compliance and value addition, strengthening the linkages of value chain and supporting clusters and producers’ groups, as well as enhancing access to international and domestic market.

With office in Cairo, EQO-NIXUS will contribute to the enhancement of the Agribusiness National Quality System of Egypt by offering technical assistance in two areas within the project: Strengthening of the National Quality Model as a system for the agri-business sector and by Improving the Monitoring of Pesticides Residues.