In June, EQO-NIXUS has started the implementation of a project in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Algeria. EQO-NIXUS will be supporting the European Commission and the national authorities in the formulation of the “Support program for renewable energies and energy efficiency in Algeria”.

Algeria’s energy mix is based mainly on fossil fuels while renewable energies have little relevance (less than 3%). This 10 million Euros program funded by the European Commission will establish the national strategy of Algeria for clean energies during the period 2015-2030. It will allow national authorities to develop policies and institutional mechanisms to deploy renewable energies and energy efficiency as well as to promote private investment and reinforce capacities of relevant stakeholders.

EQO-NIXUS will be providing technical programming documents and the internal organization of the program as well as proposing a monitoring system for technical and financial aspects of the future program implementation.