Climate Change is at the forefront of multilateral policy priorities, as evidences of its impact in environment, human health and economy are already being registered.

Decision-makers and functional managers at public and private institutions are facing a pressing need to develop new policies and activities in order to mitigate GHG emissions in short, medium and long term.

This requires a deeper understanding of climate change challenges and the technologies necessary for implementing the mitigation. It requires as well advocacy and management capacities to manage difficult trade-offs among legitimate stakeholders.

In order to help our clients increase their understanding and develop new skills, EQO offers mentoring, capacity and training services tailored to the needs of our clients. These activities are managed by our in-house experts and implemented by first-class experts.

As needed, study tours and twinning programmes can be organized and E-Learning tools developed for reinforcing incorporation of new concepts.

Current environmental challenges require multidisciplinary skills and know-how.

Environment protection and respect is already a crosscutting element of public and private organisations activities and management procedures.

EQO helps organisations mainstreaming environmental protection and respect in their procedures, reducing the impact of their activities in climate change, promoting mitigation of GHG emissions.

Capacity building and training programmes are organized concerning management and production systems and how to manage singular ecosystems.

Climate Change adaptation and mitigation requires the development and implementation of new infrastructures and energy production methods. Moreover, a greener economy requires the development of energy efficiency technologies and methodologies able to reduce energetic consumption and GHG emissions.

Different types of organization (public and private, profit and non profit) need to develop and understanding of the potential application and development of renewable energy, if they are to develop new and sustainable sources of energy. Moreover, their routinary activities can gain important economic savings and mitigate their environmental impact by increasing the application of energy efficiency methods.

EQO organizes tailor made trainings and capacity building programmes with the objective of providing know-how and skills on renewable and energy efficiency potential and in how to apply their existing technologies for improving an organization performance.

EQO provides highly specialized mentoring, training and capacity building services in a wide range of economic development related areas from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Up-to-date scientific and professional know-how of international economic institutions, policies and regulations, including international trade and quality infrastructure, are offered and taught through using a wide range of different pedagogical approaches, from e-learning tools to mentoring programmes.

We are fully adaptable and flexible to our client needs, empowering new capacities with long-lasting impact based on the particular needs of each of our clients.