Country: Uzbekistan     Reference: TA 8008-UZB (45120-001)     Client: Asian Development Bank     Start: 02/12     End: Ongoing

The Government of Uzbekistan has expressed its commitment to develop solar energy. In response to the Government ’s request,the Asian Development Bank (ADB) has launched this Technical Assistance Project. The consulting firm will coordinate closely with the activities under the separate small-scale capacity development technical assistance (S-CDTA) for the Design and Strengthening of the Solar Energy Institute. The overall objective of the project is that Uzbekistan becomes the regional knowledge hub for solar technologies, and the specific objective is to provide Policy and advisory technical assistance (PATA) to assist in the promotion of solar energy development.

The project has three main components:

i) Creating an Enabling Environment;

ii) Solar Resource Assessment, and

iii) Prepare feasibility studies for up to 6 solar energy projects including two pilot-scale demonstration projects and two projects for commercial operations.

The projects will involve various technologies (photovoltaic [PV], concentrated solar thermal [CSP], integrated solar combined cycle [ISCC].