EQO-NIXUS will start working on a new project funded by the European Commission in order to improve the social and economic development of Tonga through the reinforcement of its electrical network.

The objective of this project is to make the country’s electricity grid more resilient being able to resist the adverse effects of climate change and, in this sense, to create a more prosperous investment climate to the electricity generation sector. To this end, an advisory service will be provided to the Government of Tonga through the state owned company Tonga Power Limited (TPL).

More specifically, EQO-NIXUS will improve the technical coordination of the country’s electricity grid through the development and formalization of a grid operating code for a more efficient operation of the electrical generation and distribution system, being able to ensure and guarantee continued performance of the service. This is intended to give better access to more modern, sustainable and committed to the environment energy services.

The different assignments included in this project range from the elaboration of a new operation code to a gap analysis on possible discrepancies between legislative documents and government policies. In addition, a document of recommendations will be drafted with special consideration to the particular characteristics of each group of islands of the archipelago.